TERA Radon program

Radon is a natural colorless, tasteless and odorless gas produced by radioactive disintegration of radium, thorium and uranium in rocks which is released from the earth crust in various amounts. From the earth surface, the radon gas gets into the atmosphere or enters straight into buildings. Other sources of radon in building can be a construction materials of poor quality or water from local wells. In the case of an insufficient ventilation of a building, radon can be retained and accumulated excessively in the building. A long-term stay in rooms with a high radon concentration may lead to lung cancer.

Systems for Radon Concentration Measurement

TERA are continuous monitors of radon gas concentrations designed to electronically measure and evaluate radon volume activity (RVA). The systems record concentration changes in long term and store the acquired data in internal memory for download to the PC. Hence, the systems offer an extensive and flexible monitoring network solution.
The TERA measuring systems provide a cost effective solution with zero long-term operation cost compared to low-end measuring devices and with convenient data functionalities of high-end devices. Learn more ...


Systems for Regulating Radon Concentrations in buildings

The TERA systems allow measuring and regulating radon concentration in residential spaces. Radon measuring probes distributed in a building transmit the current radon concentration values to the actuator. If the set values are exceeded, the actuator will switch the air-conditioning unit (fan) and ensures that the contaminated spaces will be vented. The TERA regulating systems represent cheap and energy-saving nondestructive solution of curative anti-radon action not only for existing buildings. Learn more...

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