RR 4702 - high capacity LOS radio relay

Main features:


RR4702 High Capacity Line of Sight (HCLOS) Point to Point (PTP) radio relay based on software configuration core for building of higher organizational levels in mobile tactical networks in NATO IV frequency band. Time continuous full duplex transmission capacity up to 320 Mbps is ensured by Frequency Division Duplex (FDD). Ethernet 10/100/1000 BASE-T and E1 (2048 kbps) are standard interfaces. Local control is over PC and IP management is over webserver or SNMP.

RR4702 is very universal due to wide range of easy software setup parameters (channel bandwith 7 MHz ÷ 56 MHz and modulation QPSK ÷ 256 QAM). It can be configured to high capacity data transport in backbone net (12 - 15 km) as well as to long distance connection (60-90km) with high robustness and lower data rate. Robustness algorithms APC, ACM and FEC are included. Radio meets strict conditions for EMC and mechanical ruggedness – it is designed for extreme climatic conditions.

Technical specifications:

Frequency range 4400 ÷ 5000 MHz
Duplex spacing 312 MHz
Modulation QPSK to 256 QAM or ACM (promptly software setup)
Channel separation 7, 14, 28, 40, 56 MHz (promptly software setup)
Max. aggregate transmission rate cca 320 Mbps (full duplex)
Forward error correction LDPC
1x ETH 10/100/1000 Base-T up to 320Mbps (IEEE 802.3u, 802.3x, 802.3ac)
1x E1, G.703 2,048 Mbps (optionally more ports)
Output power 33 dBm (QPSK), 28 dBm (256 QAM)
Output power control (ATPC or manual) 40 dB
Manual control step 1 db
Intermediate frequency 350 MHz
Receiver threshold (10e-3 BER) -85 dBm (QPSK), -67 dBm (256 QAM)
Max. level of input signal 0 dBm
Intermediate frequency 140 MHz
Local management PC (USB) - PC application
IP management 2x 10/100 Base-T (separate channel) - SNMP v.2/3, HTTP
EOW 32 kbps (servis full duplex call)
Power supply, Dimensions, Weight , Environmental conditions
Power supply 18 ÷ 30 V
Consumption < 60W
Indoor Unit (IDU)
Outdoor Unit (ODU)
Dimensions (w × h × d)
288 × 128 × 303 mm
224 × 135 × 310 mm
< 8 kg
< 7 kg
Operating temperature range
-33 ÷ +50 °C
-50 ÷ +50 °C
≤ 100 % (waterproof)
≤ 100 % (waterproof)

Basic set of RR4702:

Ordering numberPreviewDescriptionNotice
RR47-IDU0-02M ¨idu indoor unit IDU RR4702
ETH100/1000, E1, MNGMT, USB
RR47-ODU1-02M ¨idu outdoor unit ODU1 RR4702
sub-band I a III
RR47-ODU2-02M ¨idu outdoor unit ODU2 RR4702
sub-band II a IV
RR47-AAEL-000 ¨elevator holder of antenna and ODU - elevation
< 3kg, ± 25°, Ø 40mm
option below:
statical holder
RR47-FA26-GRE antena_fpa flat panel antenna green color
26 dBi, 6°, 600x600x24mm,
5 kg, H or V turn 90°
option below:
antenna tan
RR47-CAOD-000 kabel_odu ODU – antenna cable
0.8 m, N – N90
RR00-MICR-000 mikrotelefon hand-microtelephone
micr.+ repr. + PTT
Documentation dokumentace User's guide, Software manual, CD with drivers

Accessories and options:

Ordering numberPreviewDescriptionNotice
RR47-CIOD-XXX kabel propojovaci IDU-ODU cable
type of connectors and length of cable are specified
by XXX
050 - 50m, N,N
059 - 50m, N,N90
100 - 100m, N,N
109 - 100m, N,N90
150 - 150m, N,N
159 - 150m, N,N90
200 - 200m, N,N
209 - 200m, N,N90
300 - 300m, N,N
309 - 300m, N,N90
RR47-DIOD-XXX buben IDU-ODU cable drums
size of drums is specified by XXX
200 - to 200m
500 - over 200m
RR00-CUSB-000 usb kabel USB cable
A-A, 1.8 m
RR00-CPWR-XXX napajeci kabel Power cable
length of cable is specified by XXX
003 - 3m
005 - 5m
010 - 10m
RR47-CEMI-XXX prodluzovaci kabel mikrolet Microtelephone extension cable
length of cable is specified by XXX
(tool for easy antenna alignment)
010 - 10m
020 - 20m
030 - 30m
040 - 40m
050 - 50m
RR00-GDTF-000 bleskojistka lightning protection fuse
(2 pieces per radio )
RR47-AAST-000 drzak holder of antenna and ODU - statical
< 2kg, Ø 40mm
RR47-FA26-TAN antena piskova flat panel antenna tan color
26 dBi, 6°, 600x600x24mm, 5 kg,
H or V turn 90°
RR47-PA29-GRI antena mriz grid parabolic antenna
29 dBi, Ø 1m, 6 kg
RR47-PA27-000 antena plna solid parabolic antenna
27 dBi, Ø 0.77m, 5,2 kg
RR00-ACDC-000 acdc zdroj power supply AC/DC
AC 100-275V -> DC 28V/40A
RR00-DCDC-000 dcdc zdroj power supply DC/DC
DC 12V -> DC 28V/30A
RR00-ADDC-000 acdcdc zdroj power supply AC, DC/DC
AC 100-275V, DC 12V -> DC 28V/40A
RR00-MAST-XXX stozar mast
parameters of mast are specified by customer


RR4702 won annual prize 2015 of Czech and Moravian Eletrical and Electronic Association for innovative product.

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