Repeater TTR 2


The repeater is an autonomous element designed to increase the system range. It provides connection between the central unit and other elements of wireless net where the signal is too weak for direct connection. This may happen in a free space at a too long distance. The range in buildings depends particularly on the building material (walls, partitions, floors, etc.). For example, in the case of a reinforced concrete skeleton, which represents efficient shielding, a problem can occur even at very short distances.

The repeater contains a radio module which only repeats (retransmits) received data in both directions. It is also supplied from a non-rechargeable replaceable lithium battery which is sufficient for approximately 1 to 2 years of operation.


pdf User manual TRR 2

Basic technical parameters:
Radio interface 868MHz
Power supply Li-Ion battery 3.6 V, 2.6Ah
Battery life >1 year
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