TSR4M USB Radon Probe with Big Memory (TSR3DM version with display)

Probe for Radon Concentration Measurement in buildings with big memory and USB data transmission


  • Standalone measurement with saving data intoown internal high capacity
  • Direct USB connection of probe and a PC
  • Internal high-capacity rechargeable accumulator; USB charging or power
    adapter 230V/50Hz
  • Probe measurement possible to turn off by switch while real time in probe
    keeps on
  • Diagnostic LED diodes 'charging' and 'status'
  • Display and button for quick result viewing (TSR3D)

TSR4M is designed for continuous measuring of radon concentrations in buildings. Portable probe basis is a measuring chamber with a semiconductor photodetector. Radon enters the chamber by diffusion through the input filter on the bottom of probe. The probe measures in autonomous and time continuous way. It processes results every 2-minute intervals and from this counts short-term moving average of radon concentration ( 1 hour moving average - average of 30 2-minute process intervals). It also counts long-term moving average of radon concentration ( 24 hours moving average). The probe saves time records of these radon concentration values including values of humidity and temperature within its internal memory (typically at an interval of 1 hour). Next saved value is time record of measuring energy spectrum (typically at an interval of 12 hours). The probe is random for location in measured place, but generally it is put on the bottom of the probe. Bottom of the probe cannot be covered. The probe can be switched on/off by switch. LEDs „STAT“ a „CHRG“ indicate current status of probe. The resulting values can be downloaded continuously during measurement or at once at the end of measurement. Data from the radon probe can be downloaded to a PC directly via USB interface.




Radon Probe can be operated by these ways: